Why You Should Consider an Epoxy Flooring Installation

Epoxy flooring is becoming an extremely popular alternative to concrete for home and business owners alike because the material is extremely durable and it offers you the opportunity to design and customize the appearance of your flooring. The epoxy material seals off your concrete flooring and establishes a sturdy protective layer when ensures that there are minimal damages and structural deterioration. The smooth and slip-resistant surface of the epoxy also greatly increases safety and makes it much easier to perform maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Many San Antonio residents are catching on to epoxy flooring and how it can greatly change their lives for the better. There is a multitude of benefits to an epoxy flooring installation and you should carefully consider them all before making a decision.

Commercial Epoxy San Antonio

Epoxy flooring is widely used in commercial and industrial settings because those environments experience a great deal of foot traffic and so you want to ensure that your flooring can withstand a lot of physical punishment. Also, in a setting where there is a lot of heavy-duty machinery and industrial vehicles, you want to ensure that you are optimizing the safety of your employees and creating a work environment where everyone can protect themselves from potential harm or injury. It is also worth noting that the shiny and reflective nature of the epoxy overlay greatly increases visibility and will make it much easier for your employees to do their jobs.

Ease of Maintenance

Many of our commercial clients in San Antonio tell us that they want to spend less time cleaning and performing maintenance on their concrete flooring, and we always let them know that an epoxy installation will greatly simplify the process. Dirt and debris will not adhere to the epoxy topcoat, making it much easier to clean up any trash on the floor.  Also, any minor damage is extremely easy and cheap to repair, so you will rarely ever experience any delays or stoppages in your workflow due to cleaning and maintenance.

Added Value to Your Property

If you are a homeowner and you are searching for a financially feasible way to enhance the resale value of your home, then look no further than epoxy flooring. With the many different design options and customizable features, epoxy flooring enables to you make your home appear more elegant and visually appealing. You can install epoxy flooring in your garage, kitchen, backyard patio, and even your pool deck. Newly installed epoxy flooring will appeal to prospective buyers and will compel them to want to purchase your home. Also, epoxy flooring is very affordable to install so do not let the cost deter you from getting a greater worth out of your property.

Extreme Durability and Structural Resilience

Epoxy installations are much more durable and sturdy than laid concrete. This is because the material is resistant to heat and moisture, so any inclement weather or high outdoors temperatures will not have any impact on your flooring. The average lifespan of an epoxy installation is around 20 years with proper maintenance and cleanings, so you are getting a great deal of longevity out of your epoxy flooring. The strong and durable epoxy material is viable for areas where chemicals and oils are present, such as a factory or car repair shops, because it offers resistance against chemical agents that can greatly damage your concrete flooring.

Residential Epoxy San Antonio

Many homeowners in San Antonio fire our services because they want to renovate their garage flooring or outdoor patio but they want a material that offers them structural reliability and aesthetic flexibility. In addition to flooring, you can also install epoxy on your countertops and tables. Epoxy flooring is also installed in laundry rooms because this is an area where dust and bacteria tend to collect. You can of course customize the appearance of your epoxy flooring and aim for a particular look or style. 

Greater Safety and Healthier Work Environments

There is no doubt epoxy flooring will greatly increase the safety of your workers in addition to making it easier to establish a clean and healthy work environment. The epoxy material that overlays your concrete flooring is slip-resistant and will prevent you from potentially falling over and injuring yourself. Also, because the epoxy overlay is shiny and reflects light, you can greatly increase visibility in any indoor setting, which also establishes a safe work environment because it enables to you see everything around and prevent any potentially devastating accidents. 

A Worthy Long-Term Investment

Not only is epoxy flooring affordable to install, but it also offers many long-term financial benefits. The durability of the epoxy will greatly reduce the amount of money you spend on maintenance, repairs, and reinstallations, and if you do need to perform any repairs in the future, they are very cheap to obtain. 


Overall, an epoxy flooring installation offers many benefits that you simply cannot refuse. Epoxy flooring can be very useful and serviceable in a variety of settings, and it will make a huge difference in your everyday life. Interested in hiring our services? Give us a call today! We can answer all of your questions and even provide you with a free quote!

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