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Metallic epoxy floors are a unique way to express your aesthetic vision while protecting your floors and other hard surfaces. Epoxy isn't a new concept for flooring, but adding color and metallics are just now starting to trend for many business owners and homeowners. We take an epoxy coating product and layer metallics to create a one-of-a-kind look that truly shows like art. We can build a metallic epoxy coating to best suit your surface. Whether we place this compound on your garage floor, basement game room floor, auto shop, or the like, we will build the right surface for the job. Not only will you love the aesthetic value, but you'll also appreciate the ease of care and longevity of this material. If you're curious about how you can use this material in your spaces, keep reading below.



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    Best Metallic Epoxy Applications

    How to use this material in your space

    metallic epoxy floor San Antonio

    There are many applications for this material. In actuality, the possibilities are endless. Homeowners are finding unique ways to bring this look into their homes to capture their lifestyles and aesthetic expression. Here are some fantastic examples:

    We can bring a glimmering sand and ocean vibe to your bathroom's floors with color and metallics. Yes, we can literally create a beachy looking floor, so you feel like you're on vacation every time you step into your master bath.

    If you're a sports fan, we can create flooring or tabletop epoxy coatings that pay tribute to your home team. We can do this artistically or incorporate the actual logos of your favorite teams or brands.

    Another application for homeowners is we can create breathtaking entryways with swirling color and metallics. Imagine welcoming guests with artwork that is under their feet rather than on the walls.

    Business owners are finding ways to use metallic epoxy coatings to welcome customers and set the tone of service and professionalism for their brands. The upside is that they are also using a material that can withstand heavy foot traffic and take a good bit of abuse from carts, machinery, and equipment.

    Visually, epoxy metallic flooring welcomes customers in lobbies and exudes a high-end feel. Because they appear so custom looking, they have a perceived value that speaks volumes about a business brand.

    Retail spaces and restaurants can customize their metallic epoxy to be the foundation of their design concepts. They look and feel clean and artistic, which helps customers feel confident about doing business with these establishments. After all, if a business spends this much time on its flooring, they also spend time on their customers. Right?

    Another popular way to bring style to a commercial space is on other surfaces like counters and tabletops. The epoxy will save these surfaces from the daily grind, but it will do so with style. All customers will see is a gleaming surface that wows the eye, but business owners will see the value. Metallic epoxy surfaces are easy to clean and have a long shelf life, no pun intended. If you're curious about some of the advantages of metallic epoxies, read on below.

    metallic epoxy

    Customized Aesthetics


    Have you ever shopped for hardwoods or tile, only to find limitations of colors and dimensions? This is one of the more unique aspects of using customizable metallic epoxy coatings. Epoxy needs no dimensions; it goes on like paint so it can be fit to any space or size. You can also customize the color pallet, unlike working with other materials. Very few products offer this sort of flexibility. When you want a grey hardwood floor, you might have to look at a million places to find the right grey color. With epoxy, you just need to show it to us, and we can do it. The level of metallic can also be customized. If you run a pre-teen clothing shop, you might opt for more glitter than a minimalist homeowner. We can adapt and customize this as well.

    metallic epoxy San Antonio

    Intrinsic Value


    Yes, like a complex financial equation, epoxy has intrinsic value when you understand how valuable it is in the marketplace. Ask a real estate professional or an investor of properties, and they will likely tell you that epoxy flooring is a great value-add. What you spend upfront on this installation will keep adding value to your property on going. We can help you decide how to keep the style in alignment with that value by choosing solid color choices that will appeal to buyers in the future. The value is also in the material itself. Other materials often need to be painted, sealed, and repaired, whereas epoxy needs very little of those things. You'll be saving money by using metallic epoxy in comparison to other options.

    metallic epoxy garage floor

    Superior Durability


    Epoxy compound resins have some serious muscle. The material can take people walking across it, carts being pushed over it, or items getting dropped on them, and still look great. The level of hardeners can be customized to where and how the coating will be used. If cars are driving across them, that will need a different compound makeup, for instance, then a bathroom countertop. These hardeners don't impact the color or metallics, but just make them more brilliant and long-lasting. Homeowners and business alike love how durable epoxy coating surfaces are, which is especially appreciated by busy families or bustling businesses.

    metallic epoxy floor system

    Minimal Maintenance


    Running a busy household is just about enough to make any family a little crazy. The same can be said for our fellow business owners. The last thing you need is to spend hours cleaning floors and countertops or maintaining them with expensive treatments or repairs. Epoxy coatings are designed to be cleaned and maintained with ease. How to care for your epoxy surfaces will differ depending on where and what material you end up with. We will walk you through thorough care instructions, so your surfaces last for years. Your maintenance staff will also appreciate how easy it is to manage your epoxy surfaces. This leaves them available for other pressing maintenance projects.

    metallic epoxy floor coating



    Many people may think that epoxy is a chemical soup and therefore toxic to the environment or humans. This is only for only a short amount of time. The materials are non-toxic before application and are again non-toxic about 72-hours after application. This is why we take great care during installation and cleanup, so you, your family, and your customers or staff are free from any of this process. Unlike glues used in carpet installs or hardwood or vinyls that can take months or longer to cure, epoxy hardens quickly and is safe immediately. Since you also won't have to remove this product for wear and tear, as you might with other materials, you won't be contributing to a negative environmental impact by using it.

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