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    Epoxy Flooring San Antonio

    San Antonio, Texas

    Defining Epoxy Flooring


    What is Epoxy & Why Should I Consider it?

    Epoxy coatings are an excellent way to protect and customize your garage or home. Epoxy is made from a series of chemical compounds that mix with resins that harden. These resins are what give epoxy coatings their great reputation for being strong, durable, and aesthetically attractive. The material is designed to be safer underfoot, fire-resistant, and moisture-wicking. While San Antonio homeowners can install these floors on their own, many opt to have professionals take on the task as the floors are more difficult to lay. An epoxy floor install is also incredibly affordable when matched up against other types of floors.

    Epoxy has come a long way over the past decade. These floors were once limited in color and style leaving little room for customization. Today, color and texture can be tailored to meet the needs of both homeowners and businesses.
    What we have also found is that once we install a floor in a garage, for example, we will find ourselves back to the same home to do a basement, laundry room, countertop, and more. These floors have an abundant amount of advantages and we are going to cover some of these in-depth below.

    epoxy flooring San Antonio
    commercial epoxy flooring

    San Antonio, Texas

    Commercial Epoxy Services


    How We Partner With Local Businesses

    The importance of businesses running smoothly and safely is crucial to their success. We partner with all types of industries, from retail, restaurant, warehouse, and industrial complexes. Epoxy flooring is ideal for these industries since they can withstand the abuse of business foot traffic and heavy machinery. We understand the safety measures that these businesses are faced with and the building codes that must be adhered to, to accept customers in the door. We will work with your management team to install floors that are not just safe, but also look professional. Your floors can be customized to match your branding colors and we can also add your logos strategically throughout the space. To avoid accidents, we can also add texture to make the floors more slip-resistant. Epoxy flooring also has the benefit of being fire-resistant giving business owners a sense of security.

    Epoxy Floor San Antonio, Texas

    Benefits & Advantages of Epoxy


    You might be surprised to learn about some of the unique advantages that epoxy flooring can give you. Keep reading to learn more about this type of floor and how your home or business can benefit from them.

    garage epoxy floor

    Conceals Bad Floors


    If you have scrapped, scuffed, or deteriorating floors, epoxy coatings are a brilliant solution. We are hard on floors and sometimes, it shows. We see it with foot traffic in a retail store or wear and tear from the in-home hobbyist in the garage. Spaces are meant to be used but we also understand, you still want them to look good. Epoxy will hide the cracking on a cement garage floor just as well as hiding crumbling linoleum in a laundry room. For homeowners with unfinished basements, epoxy will work wonders on your floors which will lead you to want to spend time there rather than avoiding it. No more eye-sores, epoxy floors will smooth and save your worn-out floors.

    Epoxy floor coating

    Resistant to Chemicals and Drops


    One of the downfalls of flooring like cement, wood, carpet, and tile is how easy it is to damage the materials. It takes one spill of a chemical agent or the drop of a heavy wrench and you're looking at a lifelong scar or costly replacement fix. Epoxy flooring has the benefit of being resistant to chemical spills. Many of these can be wiped up with water, a mop, or damp cloth. Try doing that with bleach on a wood floor. Epoxy's durability also makes floors nearly indestructible. This makes epoxy a great choice for high drop zones like garages, hobby shops, kids' spaces, commercial kitchens, and retail spaces. No more worries about dropping that motorcycle wrench on your floor. Business owners will feel better about carting heavy loads across these floors as well.

    garage epoxy

    Easy Maintenance


    Cleaning high traffic areas is tough work, especially when you want to keep them looking like new. Epoxy flooring is the ideal solution to keep floors looking polished and professional year-round. Since epoxy is a non-pours surface, dust and debris sit close to the surface and is removed easily. There are no routine care instructions such as repainting or staining, nor will you find yourself paying to have these floor polished every few months. If the floors do get damaged, they are also easier to repair than most other flooring options. The most care you will give your floors is a damp mop and some on-demand spot cleaning for tougher spills.

    epoxy concrete floor



    Have you ever walked on wet cement floors? They feel like an ice rink, right? The same can be said for tile and some plastic covered flooring systems. An advantage of epoxy is that you can add texture to the resin mix so the floor dries with rougher coating. This texture creates a slip-resistant surface that is a great option for businesses that keep both your staff and customers safe and secure. For homeowners, this texture is a safer option, especially when you have kids running about. Texture also give epoxy and unique finish. Depending on which type of finish you choose, you can get matt, polished, leather, and stone styles that truly upgrade the aesthetics.

    epoxy 0flooring contractors

    Added Property Value


    Year over year, homeowners work hard to upgrade and improve their homes. From DIY projects to complete remodels, we love to care and make our homes more comfortable and functional. As you approach updating the flooring and other surfaces of your home, we suggest looking at epoxy coatings to improve the value of your home. Real estate agents have long since stated that epoxy flooring will add value to your property making it more attractive to buyers. We suggest installing epoxy early in your property residency so you can appreciate them, but if you are looking to sell, epoxy is an affordable option that has a great reputation for the rate of return.

    pool deck resurfacing

    Superior Strength


    Homeowners and businesses looking for a flooring option that will withstand a good bit of abuse, epoxy is your floor. Not only have we highlighted their resistance to chemicals and drops but epoxy is also a long-lasting flooring system. They can take years of people walking over them repeatedly, or having machinery moved across them regularly. Their strength is also visible in spaces that need to take on a lot of moisture such as gyms and pool decks. Unlike other floorings, they can hold up to damp environments far longer. We also can't forget to mention how epoxy flooring is fire resistant. While some flooring will burn or melt, epoxy will stand up to high heat giving homeowners and businesses peace of mind.

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    residential epoxy flooring



    Addressing your flooring is one of the fastest ways to transform your house for the best price-point. Homeowners are investing in epoxy just as commercial businesses have done for years. We install epoxy flooring in garages and basements, but you might be surprised to know that we are also doing projects inside the home. We install epoxy countertops, tables, laundry rooms, and more. You'll also see our projects on patios and pool decks. Homeowners love how they can customize epoxy coatings to look like higher-end finishes like marble, stonework, or even leather. The commercial-grade coatings appeal to homeowners because of their durability and long-lasting reputation. We can add UV protectants, high polish coatings, and various textures.

    epoxy flooring companies



    For our retail, office, and restaurant partners, we have brilliant solutions for you. These spaces usually suffer from repeated traffic patterns that wear floors down quickly. They also are subject to high heat, carts, heavy shelving, or equipment. Epoxy flooring can handle just about anything you can give it. We will work with you to design a flooring installation that will support these traffic patterns and keep both your staff and customers safe. You and your cleaning crews will also love how easy these floors are to clean and maintain. Installations of these floors is faster than most other flooring options. This means you will be shut down for a fraction of time to have your floors laid. We get it, time is money and we want to get your floors installed quickly so you can open back up in days, not weeks.

    epoxy floor coating companies



    The industrial world of business is in constant movement. People are moving, the product is moving, and machinery is moving day after day. We work with our industrial partners to design floors for their specific needs and level of durability. If you have a high-heat environment or move heavy equipment from place to place, epoxy flooring will offer superior strength and protection. Our clients have us add textures and metallics to give their surface luster and traction. There is an extra level of professionalism when you can offer a workforce a safe place to walk around every day, and a space that looks clean and high quality. This sends a great message to your employees and your customers alike.

    epoxy floor coating San Antonio



    You will also find our work in multi-plex spaces such as gyms, apartment complexes, condominium common areas, office buildings, hospitals, and the like. Epoxy is fitting for these areas especially those that need sterile flooring that is comfortable underfoot. The cost of installing epoxy in this space goes well beyond the dollar amount. Most of these types of spaces need to stay open around the clock and can't be shut down for a long period. Epoxy is designed to be applied and cure faster than nearly any other flooring option. This means your business will be shut down for a shorter amount of time. Epoxy is also safe for mass foot traffic in multiplex buildings due to textures and also for their slip-proof properties.

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    Working With Our Company

    San Antonio Epoxy Coatings

    epoxy floor installers

    When you choose to work with our team you're getting both experience and professionalism. Our crews are filled with craftspersons and tradespersons who have years of experience in the construction industry. They are not just fantastic at their jobs, they are problem solvers who are ready to answer questions and listen to your needs. We source the best products from manufacturers we trust and have superior warranties on product and labor. 

    Our process is simple. 

    1. Connect With Our Team - Gather your ideas and what you most need from your epoxy project and we will walk you through your options and give you a quote.
    2. Design & Create - Choose your finishes, colors, and textures to bring your epoxy project to life. 
    3. Installation - We will work around your schedule and work quickly to lay and cure your floors so they are ready to use fast. 

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