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You may have found yourself here after researching wood flooring in your home. While you peruse page after page of web results, you may have learned a few things. First, wood flooring can be quite expensive. Second, wood flooring needs special care and concern. Third, finding the right tone, hue, or grain of wood is tougher than it looks. You're not the first person who has come searching for alternatives, and we are happy you've landed here. We are your connection for rustic wood flooring made from concrete compounds. You read that right. We can turn concrete into a visual replica of wood, giving it superior longevity at a cost-conscious price. We are going to discuss why using this material in your home or business is a smart option, but first, let's talk about where you can consider this concrete treatment in your space.



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    Rustic Wood Cement Applications

    Where you can use this treatment

    Wood Stamped Concrete

    Once you learn more about rustic wood finished concrete floors, you'll see the potential of where this finish can live in your home or business. Floors are just the beginning, and we thought it might be helpful to reveal some of the other ways this material is being used among our clients. While patios and interior flooring tend to be the most popular projects, here are some examples of taking your rustic wood concrete treatment to the next level.

    Concrete Wood Countertops - Clients have asked up to create wood styles for their kitchen countertop islands, game rooms, our outdoor kitchen areas. They look just like wood and can be customized in color and texture.

    Concrete Wood Walls and Siding - You have likely seen this in a more manufactured looking tract home, but we can turn that pre-molded look into something more unique and stylish. Our artistic knowledge has come a long way over the years.

    Concrete Wood Tables - Sometimes it's hard to find the right table, in the right size, and the right finish when searching for wood. The best part about concrete is that is made to suit your lifestyle and aesthetics. We can create a concrete wood tabletop and customize it to meet your expectations.

    Wood + Cement Creations - We can also add on to wood pieces to create tabletops, countertops, and other interesting, yet functional, pieces in your home. If you have a beautiful piece of wood that is too small to be a table, for example, we can build a concrete wood grain material to embed with your wood to complement it or match the original piece.

    Those are just some of the ways you can use this treatment to transform your home. We use various techniques to get the wood look. Sometimes we can do this with a stamp, scoring approach, or use color and texture to achieve the right styling. It really is an artistic journey. Keep reading more to learn the benefit behind rustic wood concrete treatments.

    Concrete Wood Floor

    Cost + Value


    Given wood isn't a sustainable material, this means its price is always going to be at the mercy of the market. The cost of wood for flooring and other surfaces can skyrocket quickly if you want anything beyond the basics. You'll also be at the mercy of how much you can find of the material and if it has a cohesive look to it. The cost of cement is minimal by comparison. Since concrete is an easy material to find and manufacture, we can pass those savings on to our customers. The value is also an important point to make. Since cement has an ideal shelf life, it will last longer than most materials it is stacked up against. You'll also see that specialty cement projects will up your property value and will be seen as "higher-end" without risking costly updates.

    Wood Floor Epoxy

    Customize + Valuation


    Both homeowners and business owners love that they can customize their rustic wood cement flooring and surfaces. If you have ever tried to find the right color to compliment your home and felt limited, or that you had to settle for something close, that ends with cement. You will be able to get a custom color to blend or match your home's aesthetic perfectly. We can also tackle the wood grain pattern. You won't be limited by that style factor either. From there, we can add depth with more color treatments and also factor in texture, so we capture the right aesthetic for your overall look. The value of all of these things extends well past the price you invest in these projects. You will save time and money opting for cement wood finishes.

    Concrete Floors That Look Like Wood

    Care + Maintenance


    Have you ever had to care for wood flooring? If you're not cleaning it with a pricy cleaner, you're spending your days shuttling your kids and pets into other spaces in the house. We know the damage this can lead to. The bonus of using cement products is, you no longer have to worry about these things. We will explain how to best to care for your floors or other surfaces, but overall, it is simple and basic. Also, there are no treatments, sealants, waxes, or expensive services required to maintain the floors. Finally, if you find yourself needing a repair to a surface (which is unlikely with this material) these will be far less expensive and easier to accomplish with cement.

    Concrete That Looks Like Wood

    Durability + Longevity


    We build skyscrapers with cement. That should tell you everything you need to know about investing in wood stamped cement in your home. It's a superior product that is designed to hold up for years. You'll be thrilled at how it also stand-ups to outdoor elements if you decided to use it for a patio or walkway on your property. We work with the best manufacturers that produce high-quality products for our customers. This allows us to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with complete confidence. The longevity of this material is hard to beat. You won't find another option that can compare to the lifespan of rustic wood cement products.

    Concrete Wood

    Installation + Repairs


    Craftsmanship takes time, and we appreciate that. After all, it is at the heart of what we do every day in our concrete coating business. Thankfully, cement coatings take far less time to install than most other floorings on the market. Rather laying down each tile, paver, stone, or plank of wood, we simply pour and stamp our way to a fully finished result. This takes us less time in your installation. Also, if you were to experience any damage to your flooring or other surfaces, this is typically easier to repair than other product options. While the removal of some flooring can be damaging in itself, we can typically repair with more ease and fewer complications.

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