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Industrial facilities are some of the most punishing places for floors and surfaces. It is paramount to consider what kind of floor to install in these facilities due to the machinery, equipment, and chemical materials that end up on these surfaces. Our business partners know that we work diligently to come up with the right compounds to ensure your floors are both protected and safe for business to run smoothly. We work with the best manufactures of epoxy coatings to give our clients the durability needed to handle busy complexes. If you're new to this material, or you're soon building a facility, we encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss your project. You can also keep reading to learn more about the best applications for industrial epoxy coatings as well as their advantages.



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    Industrial Epoxy Flooring Application

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    industrial epoxy floor coating

    Our Industrial epoxy coatings differ from those we place in commercial and residential properties. They simply need to perform at a different level and must adhere to serious safety standards. We understand that you might not yet know what kind of flooring you need for your space. We are here to understand, listen, and talk through the process and your priorities. Given we have clients from the industrial world, we have seen epoxy used in various ways. Here are some of the more popular requests.

    Warehouse Flooring - These are the endless square footage spaces that need to look seamless and take on all kinds of traffic. Depending on how much machinery is used, or if your business handles chemical compounds, we will plan a flooring installation that you'll get years of wear from.

    Client Lobbies - Another space we see this high-end material are in the lobbies of industrial properties. Thes floors tend to look more "aesthetically" designed and may be used to help brand the business or direct people to various spaces throughout the building.

    Outdoor Spaces - Yes, did you know that you can use epoxies coatings outside? Many industrial complexes have outdoor spaces with concrete pads that tend to wear faster due to environmental elements. We can create an epoxy that will protect the concrete and help it from erosion.

    Countertops - When clients see how well their floors perform, they start requesting other surfaces to be treated the same. We can adapt an epoxy coating for production line countertops, breakrooms tables, and other similar surfaces that are used daily. Curious as to why epoxy is so popular among industrial business complexes? Keep reading to learn about their benefits in these spaces.

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    Epoxy resin stands up to some of the most punishing environments around the industrial world. There is a reason airplanes, government trucks, and high volume retail businesses use this flooring. This material is nearly impossible to destroy. It handles weight, tires, scratching, dropped items, and more. The compound is designed specifically for its strength and longevity. Further, it can be customized depending on how it will be used in your space. We can add texture and color to epoxies, so it will also perform the way it needs to for your business type.

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    Given you now understand epoxy's durability, it might be clear why it's also a great investment. Businesses cannot spend a lot of time or money dealing with flooring problems. They also cannot shut their doors for a week while their floors are being redone. Epoxy solves these problems while offering business a superior material for the cost. The value comes from being able to operate your business without fear your floors will fail. The value is also in the fewer dollars you will pour into their maintenance and repairs. These floors are built to last for years to come, helping your business be efficient and profitable.

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    One of the biggest priorities for our business partners is the safety policies that must be adhered to in their respective industries. This might start with a floor that has to be non-toxic for a business that produces medical materials for the healthcare field. Another concern, the floors must be slip-resistant as the company handles liquids and chemicals. Another worry for some businesses is fire. Maybe your company handles hazardous materials that are extremely flammable. Epoxy coatings are fire-resistant, giving plant managers and owners peace of mind. Finally, industrial complexes want their staff to feel confident about walking around their property. The seamless characteristics of epoxy, and how they are used to repair flawed floors, are another advantage of the product.

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    It is safe to say that manitance staff, for an industrial complex, faces many challenges. Not only are they tending to electrical and mechanical issues that keep your property running, but they also handle cleaning crews and work crews. Your maintenance team will be thrilled to know they don't have to spend unnecessary time caring for epoxy floors. They are made to be easily maintained with simple cleaning products and minimal care. Other floorings, like vinyl, rubber, wood, or paint are a constant battle for your facilities team. Free their time up by installing epoxy floors, so they can tend to the pressing issues impacting your business.

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    What you will most notice every day, and take note of, is how your floors look. Epoxy has the uncanny ability to make your space look bigger and free from flaws and visual distractions. Many customers have come to us with floors that have started to erode or crack. We can address these types of problems and preserve your floors with the help of industrial epoxy coatings. Keep in mind; this material is also highly customizable. We can use your branding color pallet and even use patterns and logos to help your clients get the best impression of your business. Epoxy coatings are really the best of both worlds. You get a floor that visually speaks to your business performance and professionalism, but is also going to wear for years and years.

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