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Decorative concrete is making its way into residential and commercial properties in San Antonio. Not only is concrete a hardy material that lasts years and years, but it is also able to take on various styles. As your decorative concrete company in San Antonio, we take what the client dreams up and turn that into reality. In fact, we love having our clients a part of the planning and design process. The customizations are endless, and choosing this option for your floors and other surfaces is an affordable way to get high end looks. If you're unsure about what decorative concrete can do for your home or business, we invite you to read more below about that very topic.



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    Where to Use Decorative Concrete

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    Chances are, you have a few ideas about where to use decorative concrete in your home or office. However, if you're new to this kind of finishing work, you might wonder how you can use it in your space. We will go over some of the options of finishes below, but let's talk about where these finishes work best.

    • Driveways - One of the most common places to use this type of finish is on your driveway. Many people already have concrete driveways but feel they lack a certain level of polish. A decorative finish is a beautiful statement to welcome you and others to your home. 
    • Interior Floors - Many homeowners are embracing their home's concrete slab and having them stained, stamped, or polished to perfection. This is an affordable and low maintenance option to get a high-end luxury look for your home or business. 
    • Patios - Bring luxury to your patio or pool surround by using concrete treatments and coatings. These treatments can include textures to make the area more slip-proof. They can also turn a drab surface into something straight from the pages of a hotel brochure. 
    • Kitchen Islands and Countertops - Have you seen the trends of concrete countertops? We love these projects because we can turn concrete into looks that resemble stone, marble, limestone, and more. These countertops are ideal for kitchen spaces due to their significant durability. 
    • Business Applications - Concrete coatings and treatments are ideal for businesses that want to have a durable floor, but also something that's aesthetically appealing. These floors can be treated to be slip-resistant, fire-resistant, and easy to maintain.
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    Stamped Concrete


    Have you priced out stone pavers for your driveway or patio before? The sticker shock of that is tough for any homeowner. This treatment allows us to mimic other popular (and more expensive) materials such as slate, brick, stonework, limestone slabs, marble, and more. Stamped concrete uses color and texture techniques to achieve these styles. You'll find these types of finishes on patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways, and some interior spaces. Homeowners and business owners like this option because stamped concrete is less expensive than using the listed materials above. They are also easier to care for and repair when damage strikes.

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    Stained Concrete


    Think about what your game/movie room would look like with a deep tone complementing the room. We can use stains to add a richness to your concrete floors. When stain meets concrete, it reacts differently than it does with other materials. Stains often leave an opaque finish on surfaces, but with concrete, it adds depth. Since concrete is a porous material, staining will give the surface tones that are hard to achieve with paint. We can even work with texturizers and application techniques that leave the floors with visual aesthetics. Some of those finishes can look similar to tanned leather, rolled marble, or stained wood.

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    Concrete Overlays


    You have likely seen these used in various places but might not have known what you were looking at. Overlays come in many varieties, but in the most basic of definitions, they are coatings used over concrete. These can be clear or have color added and can be applied at varying levels of thicknesses. These overlays help protect floors from wear and are helpful for UV protection. The overlays are often made from resins and chemical compounds that can be customized for where they will be installed. Businesses that want that super-polished high shine look, can achieve this by using the right overlay.

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    Colored Concrete


    Colored concrete differs from staining, as this is where we actually add color to the concrete mix. This is an advantage to help the lifetime wear and longevity of the product. This decorative concrete option is especially useful in outdoor spaces where the material is subject to water, sun, and debris. Since you can choose just about any color or tone under the sun, the possible uses for colored concrete are immeasurable. Imagine creating a terracotta look on your patio with a concrete budget. We can also combine colored concrete with other techniques such as sandblasting, brooming, and other customizations to get a "one of a kind" finish.

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    Polished Concrete


    Anyone who has priced flooring is far too familiar with how costly it can get. The national average of what homeowners spend on hardwood flooring, for example, is $4,213. The national average of epoxy flooring is less than half that dollar amount. You will be hard-pressed to find other flooring options that offer the longevity, low maintenance, and affordability of epoxy. This is likely why homeowners are also installing epoxy on alternative surfaces like countertops and laundry rooms. This is especially helpful for businesses that want a polished looking product that looks professional but might be working with a smaller budget. Blend your inspiration with the affordability of epoxy, and you'll be happy with your floors for years to come.

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