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Few materials can handle what mother nature and human beings dish out. Concrete is one of the best materials known to tackle this kind of daily abuse and still last for years. Concrete is about a $40-billion industry and employs about 2-million people in various jobs all over the U.S. The material is found in a variety of applications, as a concrete resurfacing company, we get tons of requests for unique projects regularly.

These aren't the numbers of a "sub-par" product. Over the past few decades, concrete became more versatile and customizable. Now concrete is used for different types of coatings and is found in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This superior material is known for its durability giving both homeowners and business owners tremendous value. Below you'll learn more about concrete coatings and different types of concrete resurfacing services.



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    Concrete Resurfacing Process

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    Concrete Resurfacing San Antonio

    There is a multi-step process for resurfacing concrete to ensure it is properly installed and will stand the test of time. If this type of project isn't installed correctly, you'll likely pay more money to have it repaired, or torn out completely and reinstalled. Here are the basic steps to a concrete project. 

    Cleaning - We will need to work from a clean slate, so we will take the time to clean your existing concrete and remove any dust, debris, or grime. This will also allow us to inspect the existing concrete properly. 

    Repair Cracks - Cracks are primed with a chemical treatment, and some will require us to affix a material over them to create a level surface. We will then skim that with a material, before starting a concrete coating treatment. 

    Repair Holes - Deeper holes and gouges will require mortar or similar material, like epoxy, that will fill the holes. Without this, you'll have an air pocket that can lead to cracking. 

    Surface Coat - The floors will then be coated with the concrete treatment you desire, which will include a primer, a pre-coating mix, and then the concrete coating. 

    Customization - We will then add color or other decorative options, which will then be sealed to protect that layer. 

    Curing - The curing processing will depend on all the customization done to your surfaces or floors. This can take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours.

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    Concrete will help you update the look of your home or business. Since the material is so customizable, you can choose what colors, textures, and finishes to end up with. This material can look like other high-end materials such as soapstone, limestone, marble, and more. Since concrete can mimic other stone finishes, you'll save money on the material since its far more affordable. We can also add textures that will prevent slip and fall accidents, which is great for business owners. The aesthetics, however, will offer great value, especially since it has fantastic longevity. You can actually get more precise in color and patterning by opting for concrete instead of real stone.

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    Hide Imperfections


    We have all walked over deteriorating concrete and tried to ignore it. Small cracks, scratches, stains, and similar imperfections are annoying eyesores. Concrete resurfacing will hide these flaws and prevent them from getting worse. If left unresolved, these small flaws can lead to additional damage. This is especially true with raw material since concrete tends to erode at a decent clip. Resurfacing projects always include tending to your damaged concrete, so it isn't compromised down the road. We use superior materials to get that done making sure you're not faced with imperfections on your floors or other surfaces. Yes, we do more than floors and can tackle many different surfaces with concrete coatings.

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    Concrete resurfacing is designed to shine in just about any application. Its versatility will make your spaces more functional, especially if they need to adapt to serve a new purpose. For example, a plain concrete slab around a pool can turn into a custom looking stone that also offers more traction. Another example would be if a business owner were taking over a restaurant space to turn it into an art gallery. They might want the concrete coating to reflect something more creative with color and patterning. Concrete's versatility is ideal for these applications. Keep in mind, resurfacing can also be done on other surfaces like outdoor tables, shelving, or a kitchen island.

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    Add Value


    Concrete alone isn't a tremendous value to a property. It's a standard material found in many homes or businesses. However, concrete resurfacing adds both durability and aesthetics adding value to a piece of property. This is particularly true for our residential clients. Old worn-out concrete tends to make properties look unkempt or not maintained. A simple concrete resurfacing project can transform a driveway, patio, garage floor, or interior floor. Real estate agents will often suggest using concrete resurfacing to polish up a home that is going on the market. It's a fast and affordable way for a homeowner who wants to sell their property. You might even a fool a few people that the floors or kitchen island aren't a luxury, high-end material.

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    You've probably guessed by now that concrete resurfacing is a great way to increase the longevity of your surfaces. Due to the product's durability, concrete surfaces will hold up to repeated foot traffic, heavy items sitting on them, items being dropped on them, and more. Think about what some of those incidents would do to wood, vinyl, brick, or other stonework. Those materials would require more repairs and treatments to keep them looking great. There is a reason why concrete is used in infrastructure; it's just dependable and strong. The material is so long-lasting it's recyclable. You'll find this material getting torn out to be used again in eco-minded projects like rebuilding coral reefs. Concrete is designed to last for years, and if cared for, it will.

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