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A durable floor that can withstand the daily grind of business is paramount for commercial properties. This flooring system is specifically designed to stand up to equipment, heavy items, and regular traffic patterns. Forget how you used to think of epoxy floors. (The three primary colors and a bag of specs to throw across the floor before it cured.) Today, epoxy floors can give a commercial space both visual appeal and long-lasting wear. Our epoxy flooring company works with San Antonio business owners to provide them with the most durable floors for their specific needs. We invite you to keep reading below to learn why these floors might be a good match for your company.



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    Commercial Epoxy Applications

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    commercial epoxy flooring San Antonio

    You'll find our epoxy floors in many different commercial spaces. There are various reasons for this which we will get to in a moment. But if you're wondering if this flooring system is right for your business, let us explain where they work best.

    We often get hired by small businesses and retail shops. Part of the reason is that epoxy floor coatings are an economical option. What you might spend in flooring for other materials like tile, wood, or stone can cost you significantly less when opting for epoxy. Boutiques, office spaces, and the like are great locations for this floor.

    Another popular client group for us is restaurants. Thes spaces demand something different, and we spend a lot of time making sure these floors are crafted to withstand the traffic, plates of dropped food, and high heat kitchen areas. Kitchen staff rave about epoxy floors because they are comfortable under-foot, and easy to clean.

    Specialty fields, such as medical facilities and offices, use epoxy flooring to create cohesive and easy to clean spaces. These floors are also beneficial to keep sanitation efforts in check. Epoxy doesn't hold on to bacteria the way other floors can. Medical professionals lean towards epoxy floor coatings to help manage their specific needs.
    Finally, large-scale spaces benefit greatly from epoxy floor coatings. The longevity factor alone is seen as advantageous but also because of the fewer maintenance bills that tend to come from large floor spaces. Cleaning and repairing floors comes at a hefty price tag, and epoxy keeps that cost in check.

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    When you choose epoxy floor coatings, you'll be getting a covering that resists or rejects common types of flooring issues. Epoxy is water-resistant and wicks water away rather than allowing it to seep into the material. If you work with various chemicals, you'll love how epoxy will resist or ward off chemical spills and stains. While these should be cleaned up as quickly as possible, your floors will hold up to those messes while you hunt down cleaning materials. Epoxy is also fire-resistant making it a great idea for high heat atmospheres, or for safety in general. In the end, you'll be more thrilled with what this material resists than allows.

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    Nearly every business we work with has a top priority that floors be safe for employees and customers. Once we better understand your specific needs we can walk you through this, but we can add silicones and textures that will aid in reducing slipping. We also believe that epoxy is better to stand on for longer periods than other hard materials. The backs of your employees will thank you. Choosing this material will give you an extra layer of protection for your employees and those who are visiting your space.

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    If you're shopping for floors for your commercial space, it is safe to say that sticker shock may have set in. Flooring is an investment and should have a price tag, however, it shouldn't break your budget. When stacked against other flooring options, Epoxy floors are a winner. It's not just for the installation; savings are also found in the ease of maintenance and care for the floors. You will spend less to maintain the floors and save upfront compared to other types of flooring like wood, tile, and vinyl products.

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    Epoxy is made from a series of chemical compounds and resins. These resins harden leaving a tough as nails material behind. You'll love how durable epoxy coatings are for your commercial space. The machines that move across the floors or the heavy equipment to manage your business won't leave your floors trashed. Epoxy is designed to take a good bit of abuse and whatever you can throw at it, maybe literally.

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    While some commercial spaces are looking for the most basic of finishes, today, epoxy coatings can be built to suit. This means you'll be able to choose your colors and textures. Some businesses, like car showrooms, love that they can use their branding colors. We can also adjust the level of shine or gloss depending on what kind of final look you're seeking. Basic floors will be finished more matt, whereas more high-end spaces may want a high-gloss finish. You'll have choices with this type of flooring.

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