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If you're considering epoxy flooring in your San Antonio home or business, we are thrilled you made it here. Our company serves the greater San Antonio area for various epoxy coatings that completely transform a space. If you're unfamiliar with this type of project, we invite you to read on to learn more about epoxy and how it can benefit your home. Below we will reveal where and how epoxy coatings are used and the product's features. You might be surprised to find out how homeowners and business owners are using this material to uplevel their spaces. If you have further questions about this process, connect with us today, and we will be happy to answer any specific questions you might have.



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    Epoxy's Rise to Popularity

    Some Insights

    Garage Floor Epoxy San Antonio

    When it comes to improving a property, homeowners and business owners seek out ways to differentiate their spaces and make them unique. Many of us remember when epoxy made an appearance on the market, with its primary colors and toss on multi-color specs. Wow, have we come a long way. Today, epoxy takes on various characteristics, styles, colors, patterns, and textures. This treatment used to be reserved for luxury or classic car showrooms, established office spaces, and the like. San Antonio Homeowners anywhere can make a statement by using this product on all kinds of surfaces in their home or business.

    We started in the garage, turning the workshop/hobby area into a show-stopping space. But then homeowners asked us to tackle other rooms such as the basement, kitchen countertops, laundry rooms, and more.

    Businesses are using epoxy in San Antonio to brand their brick and mortar spaces to create safer environments for their staff and customers.

    You will be surprised to learn what epoxy can do today. From metallics and swirling patterns to limestone finishes that harness high-polish or matt finishes. One of the projects we enjoy doing is adding logos. This means if you have a sports team you love, we can place that on your game room floor. The same can be said with your business logo on your floors or other surfaces at the office. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using epoxy, scroll below, and keep reading.

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    Flooring is one of the more expensive projects you can take on in your home. There is typically such a vast area to tackle, the price of the project tends to lead well into the high thousands. Luckily, epoxy is a fiscally sound product that looks more expensive than it really is. What might cost you tens of thousands in hardwoods, tile, or stonework, will end up far more affordable with epoxy. This material will start around $3 per square foot and will rise in cost depending on the amount of customization you do. The best part, epoxy can often be treated to look like many high-end finishes. We are going to talk about those in our next section, customized epoxy coatings.

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    Now that you know you're working with a more affordable product, let's talk about how customizable it is. You'll be able to choose a color pallet to compliment or ground your entire project. We encourage you to bring all of your visual ideas to us and we will do everything we can to mimic those ideas. You will also have the option of adding patterns and design details. The options here are endless but you can add swirling, splatters, marbling, tile patterns, stone patterns, leather scuffing, and more. After that, you will then be able to choose any texture. Texture adds a level of safety and can enhance certain types of epoxy floors. Finally, chose your level of polish. We will help you with this depending on what kind of customization you've done. Some look great with a low gloss or matt looks while other floors deserve a high-gloss finish.

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    Easy Care


    We've all had experience caring for floors in our homes. Chances are you're familiar with taking care of at least one of these options such as woods, tiles, stonework, carpet, and vinyl. Some are easier than others, but epoxy might be the easiest of the bunch. Epoxy floors can be maintained with simple care, usually a damp mop and water. Spills are no match for the material and they will hold up to some of the tougher ones like chemicals. Spot cleaning is simple and depending on your floor finish, we will guide you in how to accomplish this. The basic care you take of your floors will lead to a long lifespan.

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    Nothing lasts forever, but epoxy might come close. This material is superior when it comes to lifespan which is why industrial and commercial businesses have been using it for decades. This is a huge factor for our residential and commercial epoxy clients. While many floors break down or tend to show signs of wear and tear after just a few years, epoxy will still look brilliant for years to come. This is especially crucial to our business partners. Time is money, and we don't know many business owners who can be shut down very long without it impacting their businesses negatively. Epoxy alleviates the need for maintenance or replacement due to how durable the product is. Let's chat about epoxy's durability next.

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    What might wipe out a normal floor with wood or stonework, will be no match for epoxy. This flooring material was designed to take a beating. The resins harden to such a degree where you can drop heavy items on them without fear of damage. The material isn't porous like other flooring materials which make tough spills and stains a breeze. When chemicals or stain ridden foods fall on this floor, a damp cloth will typically bring the spill right up. For tougher stains, we will direct you to our favorite cleaning products. The same can be said for other surfaces you might put epoxy on. For example, countertops and tabletops are perfect surfaces to use epoxy on.

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