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After a few years of use, sun, rain, spills, and maybe a few parties, your pool deck begins to show signs of wear and tear. Filling in cracks with fillers, or trying to conceal eroding concrete with strategically placed pool furniture, gets old. If you're thinking to fix this, you're going to have to start over, think again. The structure of your pool deck is likely fine, but maybe it could use some cosmetic updates. A simple pool deck coating might be the perfect solution to get it looking new again. These transformations not only look great but help preserve the life of your patio and pool deck areas. We can also do customizations if you'd like to step up your pool deck game a little. We can add color, use patterns, textures, and host of other finishes to give you a luxury look. We invite you to keep reading to learn more about the possibilities.



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    Pool Deck Applications

    Options & Ideas

    pool deck resurfacing San Antonio

    There are two main reasons to have your pool deck resurfaced. The first is because you're starting to see it deteriorate or show significant signs of aging. The second is to update the look of your pool deck and give it a bit of a facelift. Here are some of the more popular applications that we can help you with.

    Basic Slab Concrete Coating - If you're main priority is to repair and conceal your pool deck a basic coating might be the best call. This is a no-frills way to ensure your pool deck is protected from the elements and looks put together for years to come.

    Spray Textured Coatings - We can also do a spray option that gives the pool deck plenty of traction and ensures you and your family are safe to walk around. The spay option also looks great and gives your pool deck a professional finish. This also keeps this area a little cooler than traditional slabs. We can customize this option if you'd like with color and texture designs.

    Stamped Concrete Coating - This option gives your concrete a more custom look and truly updates the feel of your pool deck area. We can make the concrete look like other materials such as brick, stone, large marble slabs, and even wood. This is a beautiful way to update your home and add value to your property.

    We have other options as well, but most of our coatings are comprised of the same general process. We mix concrete with resins, rock materials or sand, silicones for slip-proofing, and more. These coatings can handle the elements and are even UV protected and resistant to chemicals and other abrasive materials. Curious as to the benefits of concrete pool deck coatings? Keep reading to learn more.

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    One of the biggest reasons homeowners pursue a concrete coating for their pool deck is, they want it to look better. Aesthetics drives many home improvement projects, and this is no different. A deteriorating pool deck is tough to look at but is a hassle to try and repair on your own. We can get as customized as you want with your new pool deck coating or keep it basic and on budget. The purpose is to help it look better while protecting it. Customize your pool deck with a product that can look like more expensive finishes such as brick, tile, stone, slate, and other similar materials at a fraction of the cost.

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    Cost + Value


    We are interested in understanding your budget so we can protect your property investment without breaking the bank. A significant factor to a pool deck coating, we understand, how much will it cost. We will maximize your dollar and get you exactly what you want while protecting your pool deck. The value will be immeasurable. Not only will you enjoy it and feel confident about your pool deck coating performance, but it will also add value to your property. Ask a real estate professional, and they are likely to tell you the same thing. Buyers love finished pool decks.

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    Less Maintenance


    When your original pool deck was installed, the installer might not have had longevity in mind. Because of this, you might be left with troublesome areas the are cracking or crumbling. With a new pool deck coating, you'll be setting yourself up for less maintenance of your patio area. Our concrete coatings are designed and produced to hold up to the most punishing elements like sun and debris. You can say goodbye to pricey sealants, or regular maintenance that is either back-breaking or expensive. They are easy to manage, depending on the coating you choose. We will detail out the coating most suited for your home and the right care practices to keep it looking new.

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    Homeowners with small kids know how tense it is to watch their kids run across a slippery pool deck. We cringe, hoping they won't slip and fall and constantly tell them to walk. We have a great solution. Our pool decks can be designed, so they are more comfortable underfoot. What this means for you is, we can add UV protectants and application techniques, so the deck is cooler underfoot. We can also add silicones and other compounds to ensure they are more slip-resistant. We want to make sure you and your family are confident walking around your pool, so we take great care to cover this concern.

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    Increased Lifespan


    A concrete pool deck coating will ensure you have a great looking pool area for years to come. These coatings are designed to repair flaws, hide blemishes, and withstand the future element headed your way. We all want to make smart investments when it comes to our homes, and its safe to say, we want them to last. These coatings have proven over and over again to extend the life of your pool deck. We do this by using the best manufactures and products, giving our customers confidence about their concrete coating performance and appearance.

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