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San Antonio is a growing area with growing needs among construction and home refinishing companies. We are pleased to be one such company that specializes in epoxy coatings for various residential applications. We have a wide service area to accommodate as many communities and neighborhoods for our fellow residents. You'll find our work in Terrell Hills, Alamo Heights, Olmos Park, Timberwood Park, Fair Oaks Ranch, Shavano Park, Hollywood Park, Garden Ridge, and Helotes. If you don't see your particular community mentioned but are nearby one of these communities, please don't hesitate to contact us to see if we serve your neighborhood.

Our residential clients hire us to handle all kinds of projects. Our most requested service is epoxy garage floors. We are known to give homeowners exceptional garage floor coatings that far exceed expectations. We can also handle various epoxy projects around the home such as patio spaces, pool decks, basement floors, countertops, tabletops, laundry areas, game rooms, and more. Homeowners try to tackle epoxy projects on their own, but it can get fairly tricky. We welcome projects that you're unsure about doing on your own or those that are large scale-spaces. We have plenty of color options and finishes to choose from so you can turn your floors into something truly unique. We can also add textures to your floors, so they are slip-resistant and more comfortable to walk on. Whether you're after a high gloss finish or a multi-pattern look with matt finishing, we will deliver.

We invite our business community to also lock arms with us to create professional-looking floors in their retail, restaurant, office, commercial, or industrial spaces. We know the expectations of the business world and specialize in customizing your floors to meet the demands of your staff, customers, and other moving parts.



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    Where do you live and work? Check out our service areas and the communities we work in. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Terrell Hills

  rates the Terrell Hills neighborhood as the second-best place to live in San Antonio. Since the median home price is about $520,000 homeowners look for ways to keep their house looking unique and well cared for. We know that Terrell Hills a culturally rich area with homeowners injecting themselves into their communities and philanthropic endeavors. Our teams can visit your home and give you all kinds of custom epoxy projects that will protect your floors, countertops, pool areas, and more. We can use your design inspiration or create something together if you're unsure of what kind of design plan you're after.

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    Alamo Heights


    The mild winters and hot summers make Alamo Heights the perfect place to install epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy can withstand a good bit of heat and will wick off any of those Texas rains. Alamo Heights is a great destination for San Antonio families who want to be close to the vibrant city but don't want to live in the thick of it. And speaking of families, epoxy floors are a perfect choice for busy households, especially those with children. They can withstand all of their playdates, sports practice, roughhousing and games, messy art projects, and so much more. Alamo Heights residents have a lot of epoxy floor choices that will stand up to their busy lifestyles.

    Epoxy floor coating San Antonio

    Olmos Park


    The streets of Olmos Park are filled with exceptional old Texas architecture and old-world landscaping. Large oaks line the streets with tons of stonework homes. Did you know that we can create epoxy finishes that will complement the architecture and looks of your home? This means we can color match and finish the epoxy with textures that will mimic or blend with your home's aesthetic. says that because of its across the board A+ ratings, Olmos Park is the number one neighborhood to live in San Antonio. With only about 2000 residents, you're likely to run into at least a few of our clients.

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    Between the views and charm, Timberwood Park is a destination for many homeowners. Residents love their larger than average homesites and endless treetops. Custom homes are the dominant style with homeowners spending meticulous time caring and maintaining their dwellings. Our Timberwood customers appreciate that we are a customer-centric business that wants to create spaces to complement residents' homes. We know that many homes have spacious patios and pool decks as well. Did you know that we do epoxy covering for these spaces too? Keep the water outside and the ground cooler underfoot with our epoxy coatings. We even make them UV resistant, so they don't yellow under that Texas sun.

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    Fair Oaks Ranch


    This is a great neighborhood for residents who like to get outside. Fair Oaks is filled with leisurely parks, amenities centers, and an award-winning golf course. Homeowners here have lots of outdoor toys like bikes, motorcycles, golf carts, classic cars, and outdoor sports equipment to manage. Installing epoxy floors are great for this sort of family because the floors are designed to withstand all of those moving parts. Despite how fast this area has grown, it still remains a charming community with steadfast residents who tend to their homes. We enjoy working in this community and meeting all of the great residents there.

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    Shavano Park


    This San Antonio suburb is a hotspot for families who want some rustic Texas charm wrapped in a high-end package. Residents give the area lots of thumbs up for the communities' schools, diversity, and amenities. We spend plenty of time in Shavano park, helping homeowners create exceptional spaces in their homes. We have done plenty of garage spaces, outdoor kitchens, utility countertop projects, and much more in this neighborhood. Do you have a project in mind? Connect with us and let us help you through it.

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    Hollywood Park


    An established neighborhood filled with great people. Hollywood Park is nothing like the Hollywood of California. In fact, the people in this community are helpful, care deeply about their properties, and take good care of one another. We work on all kinds of epoxy projects in this area, from garage floors, basement floors, and plenty of game rooms floors complete with team logos. Do you have a favorite team? We can place that name/logo on your gaming room floors. This is another great suburb of San Antonio for those who want to live near and city but not too far rural.

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    Garden Ridge


    A great neighborhood with beautiful homes and an outdoor lifestyle. Garden Ridge is made up of homes that range between $400,000-$500,000 respectively. We work on a lot of extra room projects, mother-in-law units, pool houses, and more. Our epoxy projects can withstand the high heat and need for easy cleanup. These folks are the best at combining outdoor BBQs and lots of people. We have floors that can stand up to both. Just work with us to determine your custom colors and textures. Call us today to get started on your epoxy project.

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    Residents in this suburb enjoy plenty of outdoor activities on their outdoor toys. While many people hike and bike the Government Canyon Park, others hop over to Six Flags to find a different kind of thrill. We have worked on plenty of epoxy projects in this area among homes and businesses. Finished garages are most popular here, while businesses opt to have us install long-wearing flooring systems to impress their customers. You won't find a harder working company to serve this area. Reach out today and learn about transforming your Helotes home with epoxy floor and surface coatings.

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