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The garage is a different kind of crossroads of the home. This is the space where cars meet beach balls, tools meet skateboards, and paint meets holiday storage. The garage has to be a lot of things to everyone in the house, which is why we argue it should be a comfortable place to work or play. One way to make it feel more comfortable is by redoing your flooring. Most garages come standard with a solid concrete floor. This floor is the perfect foundation for an epoxy floor coating. If you're unsure about what epoxy is all about, you've come to the right place. We are going to discuss this more below. But, the technical definition is a substance that combines various compounds and resins to create a hard material. This material will cure and can be highly customized. Let's learn more below.



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    Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

    The Process that Transforms Your Garage Floors

    Garage Floor Coating

    This project will start with a call from you. We will learn more about what it is you're looking to do and start working on your quote. If the project seems more complicated or highly customized, we may opt for a visit to your home to see the space. Some things we will want to know about your project:

    • How will you use your garage mostly? For cars only and some storage? Will you use the space as a workshop, or will it serve to be a gathering place for the entire neighborhood?
    • We will then want to know how much customization you want to do. You might be thrilled to know that we can mix the right colors, create patterns or textures, or even add logos in your epoxy flooring.
    • After you decide on your final design, we will come and prep the concrete for your epoxy coating. This will include stripping it of sealants and paints through the use of chemical cleaners and grinders. Don't worry; we will clean up your space and not leave you with a mess. 
    • We will then look for any blemishes or cracking that might cause damage to your epoxy flooring. This will be addressed, and repairs will soon follow. We will also handle any stains at that time. 
    • When those repairs cure, we will apply a layer of the epoxy coating you've chosen. Our professional team are experts and highly skilled at doing this type of work. If additional layers or other customized options apply, we will also do that. 
    • From there, you will let the floor cure, and within 48 hours, you'll have a tough durable surface that looks amazing.

    These steps aren't complicated, but it does take a skilled crew to get epoxy just right. Epoxy goes on similar to paint, so as you can imagine, our crews pay attention to detail to get your epoxy perfect. Keep reading to learn more about epoxy garage flooring benefits.

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    A strong argument for epoxy flooring in the garage is how long it holds its value. The cost to do these floors is a wise investment that pays off in multiple ways. Epoxy is an affordable material to work with, especially if you compare it to other flooring treatments. You will also gain value from not having to paint it every year, treat it with special sealants, or pay to repair it because it's raw concrete. Since this is also an easy floor to care for, you'll gain value in time. You'll spend less time maintaining this floor than you would with others. Finally, you'll boost your home's property value. Any realtor will tell you, an epoxied garage floor is seen as an improvement by buyers.

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    Low Maintenance


    The last thing any homeowner wants is additional maintenance on their home. An epoxy garage floor will not just change how the garage looks but also how it functions. The scrubbing from chemical spills or oils will be far easier now. There will no longer be a coating of dust on your floors from eroding cement. Since epoxy isn't porous, debris will sit on top on the floor and be easily removed or swept away. Also, epoxy is water-resistant. No more waiting around for the floors to dry before you put everything back in the garage. You can hose the garage out or just use a damp mop to clean the space. You'll spend more time enjoying your garage then cleaning it.

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    Think of all the times you've moved things around in your garage. Then recall how many tools you've dropped on the floor. Garage floors take a beating, so it's no wonder why homeowners seek a tough material to handle the job. Epoxy resins are cured so they can withstand a decent amount of abuse. With these floors, you can drop items on them with little fear they will damage your floor. Even the weight of your cars won't be a match for this material. Homeowners who maintain their garage floors, with basic cleaning, will see years of use.

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    While you might not be thinking about your garage floors as being a safety hazard, they can be. We can add texture to the floors to give it more traction. This means less slipping for you and your family. When Winter comes, an epoxy floor will be more slip-resistant than other flooring options. Since garages contain many oils, paints, and other flammable items, you'll be assured to know that epoxy is fire-resistant. So whether you'll welding something, or handling more dangerous solutions, you'll be in good standing by choosing an epoxy coating.

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    This might be one of the more popular reasons to love epoxy for garage floors. While we can do very basic, solid color epoxy coatings, you can also get something more high-end looking. We can mix colors, use techniques during the application, and even add logos to your floors. Who doesn't want "Harley Davidson's" logo across their floor while they're working on their bike? If you're unsure of what kinds of customizations you can do, we encourage you to connect with us. We can walk you through all the possibilities to find what is right for your home.

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