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Those new to epoxy resins may have a few questions, starting with the most basic, what is it? Epoxy consists of various materials that start in a liquid format and combines with resins that cure. This curing makes the epoxy hard to the touch. You can find these coatings in various products like electronic components, LED creations, and even paintbrush manufacturing.

Today, you can find epoxy in businesses and residential neighborhoods. The coatings are capable of taking on various colors and textures depending on what application they are used for. Epoxy is versatile and can be customized in various ways. This includes color, patterns, texture, and so much more. Epoxy resins are also an eco-friendly product for those who are interested in staying more "green." Read below about how epoxy coatings are used for both residential and business applications.



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    How to Use Epoxy


    Epoxy floor coating

    Epoxy hit the residential scene when homeowners wanted to find a way to protect their garage floors. Most cement garage floors end up deteriorating over time, or they are painted. The paint or bare cement floors will often erode or flake off leaving you with a mess and constant cleaning. Epoxy is a natural solution for garage floors since they protect the cement pad and offer a durable surface for cars and other machinery.
    Epoxy can be used for other applications, and homeowners are getting super creative with the material. You'll find basement floors, game rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, patios, countertops, and tabletop applications for the product.

    For business owners, the epoxy floor is not just for luxury car showrooms anymore. We are helping business owners create high-end spaces to upgrade the experience they offer their customers. We can customize your epoxy coatings. This means we will mix colors to get your branding pallet just right. We can also add texture to our epoxy mixes, so your floors are safer and slip-resistant. Another feature of epoxy, we can place your logo or patterns on the floor. Just think of your restaurant name in the entryway. Or maybe we create hopscotch or other similar games on your daycare floors. We can also use epoxy to cover other surfaces like register countertops, dining tabletops, or retail shelving. The possibilities are truly endless.

    Garage floor epoxy

    Low Maintenance


    If you have never installed epoxy in your home or business, one of its best selling points is its low maintenance. Since the material is resistant to chemicals, dust, debris, and other messes, you'll spend less time caring for them overall. Any dust or dirt that does occur can easily be removed with a shop vac or mop and water. Chemical and similar spills will lift easily, leaving less room for staining. When we install your epoxy floors, we will go over care instructions for your specific floor. Some colors and textures will require different care. Overall, you will have a floor that is easier to care for and won't leave you with hours of clean up or repainting as other flooring installations often do.

    Epoxy Flooring San Antonio

    Superior Durability


    Epoxy is resistant to water, chemicals, heavy things dropping on them, and staining, which highlights their durability. This makes epoxy a superior product to stand up to high traffic and busy spaces. This is often why these coatings are found in businesses and industrial applications. When your floors can stand up to harsh chemicals like bleach, you know they are going to stand the test of time. Further, epoxy is a fire-resistant material making it ideal for both residential and business spaces. You will notice how well they hold up to scratches and heaving items sitting on top of them. Installing this kind of material means fewer dents and scuffs to repair.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring



    Homeowners and business owners love the customization features of epoxy coatings. There was a time when this material was stuck in the primary colors phase. Today, you can bring us your business brand colors, or home color pallet, and we can blend to match. We can even mimic certain finishes such as marble, granite, leather, and more. We have added some unique features to homes in spaces like game rooms. For example, we can put your favorite team's logo on your game room floor or garage. We don't want to forget to mention that we can also add texture to your coatings. For floors, this can help them become slip-resistant. For other surfaces, adding some grit or texture will keep things from sliding or add visual interest.

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Safety Factor


    If you've been reading and following along, we have mentioned a few key safety features of epoxy coatings. Safety is on the minds of both homeowners and businesses. Whether you want a protective layer in a basement for your kids to play on or a slip-free flooring system for your customers, we can help. Epoxy is water-resistant and will keep chemical spills from spreading across a floor or table surface. Epoxy is also fire-resistant material that gives residential customers peace of mind. Business owners find this beneficial too; as its a safer treatment for high heat spaces like restaurant kitchens, auto shops, and more. If you're looking for a safer flooring system, epoxy will not disappoint you.

    Residential Epoxy Flooring



    Anyone who has priced flooring is far too familiar with how costly it can get. The national average of what homeowners spend on hardwood flooring, for example, is $4,213. The national average of epoxy flooring is less than half that dollar amount. You will be hard-pressed to find other flooring options that offer the longevity, low maintenance, and affordability of epoxy. This is likely why homeowners are also installing epoxy on alternative surfaces like countertops and laundry rooms. This is especially helpful for businesses that want a polished looking product that looks professional but might be working with a smaller budget. Blend your inspiration with the affordability of epoxy, and you'll be happy with your floors for years to come.

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