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We are glad you made it to our site to learn more about concrete coatings. There are various forms that concrete coatings can take on, all of which are designed to give the owner options and different levels of protection. Our company specializes in these floor treatments so each client has the floor they need to address their situation. We serve residential and commercial properties, so we welcome everyone here. Read more below on what concrete coatings can do for your property and about what we do.



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    Purpose & Options


    Concrete coatings are used in various applications and can be found in various environments. The most popular residential space to find these coatings are in garages. Most clients want both the water and chemical protection these coatings offer. Clients also ask us to do these coatings on countertops. Since different levels of sheen or shine can be achieved and with the rise of popularity in exposed concrete, homeowners love this option. Clients can choose from colors and finishes to give them high-end styles for a better price-point than other countertop choices. These coatings can protect from staining and heat damage as well. Another popular residential application is coatings for home exteriors. Many of our fellow neighbors have stucco style homes that benefit greatly from extra protection from rain and debris.

    Commercial applications are similar but tend to be thicker as these areas experience a good bit of traffic. Our concrete coatings, with resins and epoxy, are ideal for office spaces and retail. These last longer and can be customized. Concrete coatings are also a safer option for business owners who take extra care in worker and customer safety. Some clients choose to use basic coatings when they are seeking protection, while others opt for specialty treatments like acid staining. Concrete coatings for business applications in San Antonio bring together safety, protection, and quality aesthetics.



    Your concrete is already pretty tough, but it's still susceptible to damage. One of the main reasons is because concrete is a porous material. Because of this, water, chemicals, and oils can seep into the material and compromise its strength. Concrete "with" a coating will hold up to these environmental factors with superior durability. Coatings come in different thicknesses, and we can help you learn which is ideal for your application. The best part of about concrete coating durability is, if you use them, your concrete will last for decades, making it a sound investment for your property. Businesses can benefit greatly from the durability of these treatments. With high traffic areas, retail spaces, restaurant kitchens, and the like.



    Concrete is more eco-friendly than other options on the market. Wood floors obviously cut into our environment, requiring sourcing and processing. Tiles and vinyl require mass production, and their processing is less than environmentally sound. Concrete takes natural raw materials and combines them simply. Less production and processing and it can also be ripped out and reused. In fact, did you know that a lot of concrete has been used to bring back ocean reefs? Concrete is a great way to "go green," and by using coatings over that material, you will ensure it stays protected even longer. So, it is friendly to the environment when stacked against other materials, and it can be reused in many ways.



    Concrete coatings are incredibly easy to care for. Since they are resistant to many substances it comes into contact with, clean up is typically a breeze. Depending on which type of coating you use, there will be less need for any kind of sealing or waxing. Coatings won't attract dust and debris. You maybe have noticed that raw concrete appears or feels "dusty" a lot of the time. Concrete erodes at a decent clip. using a coating will keep that from happening. There is no residue (which you can get from paints) which attracts particles and debris making it tough to clean. The secret is in the resins and hardeners used where it wicks away much of the liquids and debris that it comes in contact with. No more scrubbing and hard brushing to lift out debris.



    The upfront cost to any project seems "high." But when you do the math on concrete coating versus other treatments and care, concrete is a winner. With wood, there is sealing, staining, painting, cleaners, and replacement. With stone, there are sealing, repairs, and specialty cleaners. We could go on and on, but you get the idea. With concrete coating, you can use simple cleaners and a mop to maintain it. This means, no special treatments or costly services needed to ensure it's longevity. Let's not forget how long-lasting concrete is on its own. In the current home market, concrete surfaces are also very desirable, so your home value will go up. Overall, these points reveal just how affordable (and valuable) concrete coatings are.



    Concrete has come a long way from its old form of a plain grey pallet. Today, homeowners and business owners are using various techniques to get high end looks. Concreate is a chameleon, in that it will take on many forms. With the help of stains, you can get specific with color or copy cat a luxury stone style. Stamping can also help you achieve various natural-looking surfaces like marble. Our coatings can help add textures that can help stonework look matt or glossy depending on your preferences. Another visual benefit, if you have concrete that is wearing rapidly or has damages, the concrete coating will help the aesthetics. Color distortions or cracks will be less noticeable or disappear depending on your service. This is great news if you're wanting to get more years from your concrete and not wait for it to deteriorate. You have more options today than ever to get a luxury look at a fraction of the luxury cost.

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