What is an Epoxy Coating?

Before you can choose which epoxy coating is right for your property, it’s crucial to understand exactly what epoxy is composed of and how the chemicals work together to create a solid surface. Epoxy is a unique two-part system that is composed of chemicals, most often a resin and activator, that cure together to create a solid material with a seamless finish. While materials like paint “dry” over time, epoxy coatings are a little different. Instead, the reaction of the chemical mixture causes the materials to “cure” together over a period of time. The curing period may be affected by temperatures and humidity levels, so be sure to reach out to a team of professionals for installation assistance. There are different types of epoxy coatings available, each offering its own unique set of properties and advantages for different environments. 

What are the Different Types of Epoxy Coatings?

While there are several types of epoxy coatings available, there are 3 variations that are the most popular for residential and commercial applications. 100 percent solids epoxy, water-based epoxy coatings, and occasionally one-part epoxy/acrylic coatings can be used in these moderate traffic settings. For industrial or manufacturing areas, it’s most common to see 100 percent solids epoxy coatings applied over the existing flooring material. Read below to learn more about these specific types of epoxy and the benefits they provide when installed.

100 Percent Solids Epoxy Coatings

When you have an epoxy coating professionally installed, there’s a good chance it will be some form of a 100 percent solids epoxy coating. These coatings are some of the strongest available thanks to the solvent-free material that is environmentally friendly. Additives that can be applied to the surface of the floor are common with these coatings. Some of the most popular additives for visual enhancement are flakes or metallic pigments. The curing time for these floors is not extensive, which is why these coatings can be installed in nearly any environment. Whether you have a residential garage or commercial auto showroom that needs new flooring, a 100 percent solids epoxy coating is one of the strongest and most durable options available.

Water-Based Epoxy Coatings

Another popular epoxy coating variation, water-based coatings are common in DIY kits that are sold in hardware stores. These water-based coatings are different from 100 percent solids epoxy due to the water solvent that is added to the resin and activator chemicals. You will find these specific chemical mixtures in at-home kits due to the low VOC and odor that is emitted during installation. The main difference between the two coatings is in the ingredients and overall durability of the final solid material. All epoxy coatings are resilient but water-based epoxy coatings may start to show wear or fading on the surface faster than the 100 percent solids epoxy coatings.

Consider the Environment and Level of Use

When researching and determining which epoxy coating is right for your San Antonio property, it’s crucial to consider the surrounding environment and the level of use the floor will be subject to. Each variation of epoxy coating offers a different level of durability and longevity, so your areas of high traffic may need a stronger variation than a lesser-used space. You can expect to see 100 percent solids epoxy coatings installed in areas like hospitals and auto garages while water-based coatings may be used in a residential basement or garage. 

Consult the Professionals

If you are unsure which epoxy coating is right for your home or business, reach out to a professional company like Epoxy Flooring San Antonio for assistance. Installing an epoxy coating can be tedious and may not come out as anticipated if the detailed steps are not followed. To avoid making any expensive mistakes that could require additional repairs, always reach out to a licensed and insured company to complete the installation. Epoxy Flooring San Antonio uses some of the highest quality material that is available to the greater Texas area!

Last Thoughts

Choosing an epoxy coating doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming with our clear and simple explanations. If you are still unsure of which variation will be best for your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to a licensed company for help. The trained experts can help assess the area and determine which material will provide the most benefits for the space. Regardless of the type of epoxy coating you choose, it’s clear epoxy coatings are one of the strongest and most reliable flooring systems available.

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